Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ever Eden - Rosace Earrings

:O What is in the bag? What is it? :OOOO

Could it be? Finally?

Yes! Yes it is!!!

Finally they are here! I finally managed to score me the Ever Eden Rosace Earrings by Michelle Phan. I will spear you from the hype, you can read all about it from my previous post here. I have to tell you that I am super happy about the earrings. I just love them. 

I chose the golden ones since I am a real sucker for gold. The quality really surprised me. With such a low price I was not entirely sure what to expect but fortunately they are really good quality and I am sure I will be able to enjoy their beauty for a long time. I have been wearing them almost daily. They are quite dramatic for a day time look, but with a simple outfit they can definitely be pulled off.

One of the special features of the earrings is that they come in three separate pieces. You can wear the "fan" part either behind your ear loop or on the top of it like a normal earring. Or, if you like you can just wear the little golden stud. I myself,  prefer wearing the fan behind my ear loop.

Loooooove iiiiit!

And good news beauties, you can order the Ever Eden line from Glamboutique which now delivers to Europe as well. Check it out at Glamboutique

What do you think, aren't they pretty? Do you own any of the fabulous Ever Eden jewelry? 

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