Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quick Update: Forget Your Boyfriend

I got these shoes a while ago from Nelly. They are called Forget Your Boyfriend and they are absolutely fantastic. Perfect for a night out or to spice up your outfit :)

The heel is 14 cm and the platform is 3 cm. So they are not that massive but if you're not used to walking with high heels you definitely need some practice. Best practice is just to put the shoes on and go out and look fabulous ;)

Forget Your Boyfriends can be found here. They can be found in blue, black, red and taupe. They seem to be on sale right now. However it confuses me, since I got these babies for the sale price ages ago...

What do you think?

My newesr shoe obsession is...

Nelly Fabulous shoes!! They have a whopping 16 cm heel and 5 cm platform! Which makes them almost impossible to walk with.. But do you actually need to walk with them. Isn't it enough if you just stand there and look pretty :D

 Can be found here

What do you think? Hot or not?

Pictures of Nelly Fabulous shoes are form