Friday, July 6, 2012

Aldo Wedge Sandals

Finally they are here. Well finally and finally it took asos less than a week to ship them to me so I cannot really complain that it took too long. However when you are as impatient as I am I guess one could say "finally" :D

But look how pretty they are :)

I got them in size 4 (which equals size 37 in Finland). They are just perfect fit and feel super comfy too.  The best part: they make me super tall!! :D Cannot wait to pair them up with... umm a mint green dress :D

You can find the shoes here. They still have sizes left.


  1. These look so nice! I'd love to see an outfit with them to see how you dress them :)

    - Rhi xx

  2. I got a pair! It's a Christmas gift though so I'm not allowed to open it until the big day. I can't wait

  3. Did you get them? What do you think? lovely huh :)