Saturday, June 23, 2012

Coastal Scents: 252 Ultimate Palette

Coastal Scents just launched their new eyeshadow palette called the 252 Ultimate Palette.

The palette has 252 different lushious colors variating from matte to super shimmer.

The palette can be found here.

I think the colors look wonderful and the fact that it has such a huge variety of colors makes it a definitely a good purchase. You can do so many different looks with this palette. My problem is that I already have the 88 original and shimmer palette, so I do not know if I actually have any need or use for this palette since it seems to have a lot of the colors I already have. 

If you have not heard about Coastal Scents before go and check out their site. They have some really cheap and quality palettes and other make-up as well, including brushes. They deliver all around the world and the shipping costs are not that bad either. I have purchased make up from their website many times, so I can assure you it's perfectly safe. You can pay with paypal or credit card.

This promo video makes me want to buy the palette....

What do you think?

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