Monday, August 6, 2012

Make up tips: How to avoid eyeshadow fall out

Now we have all been there. You have applied your foundation and done an amazing eyeshadow design and you look just gorgeous and ready to head out or you are in a hurry and you really do not have time to do anything else but a quick make-up. Then you notice it.... eyeshadow fall out under your eyes. You panic and try to wipe it off making it even worse and spreading the eyeshadow all over your face.

Ok, maybe not entirely like that, but you know what I mean. Eyeshadow fall out is annoying and really annoying to get rid off once it is there. But there are few tricks that you can use in order to avoid this problem.

1. Dab it do not drag it

Glitter or shimmering eyeshadows are the worse when it comes to fall outs. Therefore it's important that when applying those sort of shades use a dabbing motion. Just gently dab (do not drag) the eyeshadow on your eyes with an eyeshadow brush.

2. Do your eyes first

If you are doing a really detailed eye design with really dark and shimmering colors, the best way to avoid fall out is just to do your eyes first and rest of your face later. This way you can just wipe off the fall out without messing up the rest of your make-up. Just use regular make-up remover or make-up remover wipes.
3. The powder method

Another good trick is to dab some loose powder under your eyes.  Now the idea is that the powder will capture all the fall out and the only thing you have to do is to swipe the loose powder fall out mix off with a big fluffy brush.

4. Try taping it

Glitter or shimmer eyeshadow fall outs are easily removed by using tape. Just take a piece of tape and start dabbing the fall out. Now this is probably the most time consuming way of getting rid off fall out but it does work. The glitter and shimmer particles are big enough to get caught in the tape. This trick is good if it is only glitter or shimmer eyeshadow that you have to worry about.

5. The tissue method

When applying your eyeshadow hold a tissue underneath your eyes. All the fall out will fall on the tissue instead of your face.

There you go. There are several ways to defeat the problem. I myself use the powder method and sometimes just do my eyes first.
Do you have any secret tricks on how to deal with eyeshadow fall out?


  1. Nice post - some great tips!

    Whenever I'm doing a dark or metallic smokey eye I like to take regular sticky tape and stick it on to my wrists for a few minutes while I prime ect. then stick it right on the corner or my eyes (skin around the wrists come off easily, making the tape less tacky when applying to the face). It helps to get a 'cat eye' effect with the shadows as well as protecting from any fall out! <3