Thursday, September 6, 2012

My hair saver, the tangle teezer

Now, yet again the blog world has been swarming with post about the tangle teezer. Probably lot of you have heard of it long time ago and lot of you own it already (or you might be just really sick of these posts and might not really want to read this either). However I decided to put my finger in the pot and make my own review of it.

hmmm... there seems to one string of hair ruining the picture :D

I got mine already over a year ago. I believe I ordered it straight from the manufacture's website and it costs me like 12 euros. However you can buy the brush from most hair saloons or beauty websites.

I have to say that I have no idea how I ever lived without my tangle teezer and how I would ever live without it again. It has totally changed the way I consider how hair brushing should feel like.

My hair is really dry and I have to use a lot of conditioner in order to make brushing my hair just a little bit more bearable. That is why the tangle teezer has been a life saver. No more tears, no more pulling, no more hair snapping and a lot more smoother hair after every stroke. Best part is that I can even brush my hair while it is wet (which definitely has made my hair routines in the morning much easier).

Now, I am a puller. As in I really pull and stretch my hair when brushing (never ever do that!!!). Therefore using the tangle teezer has been really could for me since it prevents you from pulling your hair too hard. The design and the fact that it smoothens out your hair much more efficiently than a normal brush makes the brushing experience less painful.

As I said I got mine long time ago so it has taken some collateral damage. I take it with me everywhere and I really do not pack it well so some of the spikes are a bit bend. However none of the spikes have actually broken. But other than that it is in really good condition.

One of the best qualities about the brush is that it's so easy to keep it clean. My brushes, after year or two, always got so dirty, full of hair that you could not remove mixed with some dust and some unknown disgusting material. With tangle teezer it is so easy to just wash it and remove all the hair. 

So that's it. I have absolutely no bad things to say about the product. Except the fact that I really should order one in travel size and one to my work.

What do you think about the tangle teezer? Do you already have one? Is there too much hype around it?

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