Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Redken, save my hair again

Oh don't you just love the little pun there that I came up with. Yes, I am so funny and charming... Anyway... I have had some issues with my hair lately (well I have had issues with it all my life, but who has not) and since winter is knocking on the door, which means really dry and drizzled hair, I decided it was time to change my hair products. Previously I have been a devoted fan of Aussie products but lately they have not been working as good as before. Maybe it is due to the fact that your hair can actually get used to products and hence they stop giving the same effect or... I just imagined it and just had to come up with an excuse to buy new beauty products :D

On my last visit to the hair dresser, she used Redken products on me which I quite liked since they made my hair so much smoother and smelled really good as well. She gave me some sample products and after squeezing the life out of them, I had to get the real things.

I got the Redken All Soft Conditioner and Shampoo. Now the price of these babies is no joke, I think I paid something like 60 euros for them. But the result is really nice. It truly smoothens my hair, makes it soft, much easier to comp and handle after shower (my hair hates water...) and of course gives it a really nice smell. I am not going to say that they have somehow changed my life and made it better, maybe little bit easier. I would say that overall  a good investment and definitely worth the try. 

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