Friday, June 22, 2012

Big and Bold

Currently, my favorite mascara is IsaDora's Big and Bold Mascara. First time I heard about this was actually through Virve's blog. I was looking for a new mascara and when I read about the Big Bold Mascara I just had to tried it out.

I absolutely fell in love with it. With only few strokes you can get almost false lash like an effect. It gives you longer and fuller looking lashes. It is truly super volumizing.

The brush itself is very big. Now, if you're not used to thick and big brushes you might need some practice in order to avoid mascara smudges. A good way to avoid smudging is by using the business card trick

The only problem with the mascara is that it's actually kinda hard to wash off. Even when you think you washed it properly you, wake up the next morning with dark circles around your eyes. But with a proper use of a good make up remover you should be just fine. 

My life before the Big Bold was all about Lancôme's Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara.

The cone shape of the brush gives you that cute lash fringe on your outer corner. It gives you clean application. With it it's easy to define even the little hard to reach corners on your eyes. Oh and it smells like roses (smell which always made my mornings a little bit more special :)). Unfortunately I ran out of this baby long time ago and found love in other places. But I would definitely recommend this mascara as well. Who knows, when I am in need for a good mascara, I might go back to my trusty Hypnôse :) 

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