Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Love with Rouge in Love

Lately I have been fascinated with lipsticks. I just cannot go outside of the house without adding just a little bit of lipstick (okay little bit of an overstatement, if I am just taking the trash out etc. I do not feel compelled to put lipstick on :D). I have been especially fascinated with Lancôme's Rouge in Love series.

I have two shades 353 M Roses in Love and 322 M Corals in love.

The shades of Rouge in Love series are categorized in three different moods:
  • Jolis Matins, which are daytime shades.
  • Boudoir Time, which are more evening shades.
  • Tonight is My Night, which are more intense colors for those, well you know, special moments. 

Both of my shades are daytime colors, even though Roses in Love shade is quite intense and dark color for daytime.

Roses in Love is shiny, intense red shade. Coral in Love is more of a coral, orange shade.

The thing that I most fell in love with these lipsticks is the fact that they are so long lasting. According to Lancôme website they can last up to 6 hours. They also do not feel sticky or heavy at all. 

The price of these babies is quite steep compared to "drugstore brands". But in my opinion lipstick is something that one should splurge on. You can really notice a difference between cheap and expensive lipstick compared to for example mascaras. Cheap mascaras are, in my opinion, as good as more expensive ones. There are really only minor differences. So my tip for life: indulge yourself with lipsticks, save on everything else :D

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