Thursday, June 21, 2012

Comparing the Incomparable

Now I can't stress the importance of using eyeshadow primer enough. The real problem however is in finding a good primer that does its job. In my opinion the best ones are Two Faced's Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Primer Potion.

Both of these are excellent primers and no "drugstore brand" is worthy of them.

But which one of them is better. 

When I first got introduced to the world of eyeshadow primers, Urban Decay Primer Potion is the one I went for. I have been in love with it ever since. It has been my most reliable companion and trustworthy friend. While back the primer came in a plasticky "genie in a bottle" type of container before they probably realized that you could get more out of the product if it was not in a hard container.

After I ran out of the Urban Decay Primer, I bought the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. They both hold the eyeshadow really well throughout the day and prevent the eyeshadow from creasing. I mean sometimes, after a long night, and waking up in the morning realizing that I haven't washed off my make up (which you should never ever do) my eyeshadow is still perfect.

But if you really have to start digging out differences I have to say I do prefer the Primer Potion more. The Shadow Insurance is a little bit more greasier than the Primer Potion. Hence it does not hold the shadow as well and does crease a little bit.

This is really an odd picture...

Here are the two compared. On the left Primer Potion and on the right Shadow Insurance. As you might see from the picture the Primer Potion is more solid in texture than the Shadow Insurance.

On the other hand the Shadow Insurance is more easier to spread and its more lighter because of its more liquid texture. 

But nevertheless I do prefer the Primer Potion. 

Now, these are very slight differences and in normal use, both of them are just the same. It is just when you take it to the extreme you can see the difference.

I cannot believe that I wrote an entire blog post about eyeshadow primers....

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