Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love you Anastasia!

Few months ago I got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes.

The reason why I waited this long to try it out is because I had to grow my eyebrows... Not a pleasant project... But when I tried on the stencils that came in the set, I noticed that I had committed one of the worst make up sins... I had over plugged my eyebrows. So therefore, in order to get the full Anastasia experience I had to wait for a while and let two little bushes grow over my eyes. Definitely not the most pleasant weeks of my life.

Now I cannot stress enough how much I love this set. It is a lifesaver. It has made my make up routine so much easier.

The set itself is tiny and does not take much space in your purse. Which is great, cause this is a definitely a thing that I will always take with me when I am traveling.

The set has a mirror, instructions, stencils, angled brush, brow wax cream, brow powder duo and an eyeshadow duo. Almost everything you need for your eye make up.

The set that I picked is meant for blondes so the shades are more light grayish.

The set is in my opinion a lifesaver for eyebrows. I do not understand how I have lived without it. The idea behind it is that with the stencils you can create a perfect shape for your eyebrows.

First you select the stencil of your liking. Preferably one that is closer to your current eyebrow shape. But the best part obviously is that you can spice up your appearance by changing the style. Then you apply the brow wax cream in oder for the brow powder to stick on better. Then you align the stencil on top of your eyebrow in accordance with the markings on the stencil and apply the brow powder to the open area. When you remove the stencil you can easily tweeze any excess hair outside of the powdered area. And there you go, you have perfectly shaped eyebrows.

The set comes with two great eyeshadows as well, which I quite prefer to use on my everyday make up.

I just love this set. At first I had some doubts about it. I found it impossible for a tiny set like this to suit all types of eyebrows. But I definitely was pleasantly surprised. The stencils are designed so that I believe everyone will find at least one for their liking. It has made it so much easier to shape my eyebrows and not over tweeze them. It can be really hard to get your eyebrows even and looking good but with this tool it is super easy. I would not give this up for anything. So thank you Anastasia you are truly the eyebrow queen :)

You can find more information about Anastasia Beverly Hills here.

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