Friday, July 20, 2012

Tip: How to Clean Your Make up Brushes

Cleaning your make up brushes is essential. You want to keep your brushes in good condition and by taking care of them and cleaning them from time to time you can make sure the brushes last in good shape for longer. Also brushes are a nesting place for bacterias and germs which can be the cause for outbreaks on your skin. Therefore it is important to clean your brushes regularly.

Now I believe that in unprofessional use it is enough to wash your brushes thoughly once or twice a month. However foundation brushes should be washed after everytime you have used them.

For once a month brush cleaning I use the Marseille soap. But you can also use Le Chat soap or even shampoo. However I do not think shampoo is the best option since it might dry your brushes too much and you have to moisturize them afterwards with for example olive oil.

This is how you can easily clean your brushes:

First start by dipping the brush in cool water.

After that gently rub the brush on the soap by doing a circular motion. The idea is to get the soap foaming and remove all that nasty make up residue.

Then do the same circular motion on the palm of your hand and foam the brush. Try to get all the make up residue off. You can rinse the brush while you do this. Massage the brush on your hand untill the water turns clear and rinse the brush just to make sure you got all the soap off. Squeeze gently any extra water from the brush or dab the brush on a cloth or towel.

Lastly place the brushes on a horizontal position to dry.

An important thing is to always wash your brushes the hair part down. This way water cannot damage the glue holding hair in its place. Always when drying your brushes, dry them on a horizontal position on a flat surface. Never dry your brushes with the hair part up, this is a sure way to ruin your brush.

For everyday cleaning it is best to use brush cleasing liquids or sprays that you can get from beauty stores. For example M.A.C has its own brush cleasing liquid which I quite prefer. You can also use normal hand sanitizer to clean your brushes. Just put some of the product on a cloth or napkin and rub the brush on it on a circular motion to get rid off all that make up residue.

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