Saturday, July 7, 2012

No 7 review

I have heard a lot of good about the No 7 beauty series. So when I saw that there was a sale on No 7 products I just had to buy few to try.

I got the No 7 Gentle Cleanser and Gentle Toner.

Now, I have been a faithfull user of Body Shop's Aloe Gentle Facial Wash for years and a faithful user of Body Shop products in general. In my opinion this is the best facial wash and make up remover that there is. So I had my doubts about No7 cleanser.

Luckily I was pleasently surprised. The No 7 cleanser is great. It washes off your entire make up and even washes off the Isadora Big and Bold mascara which can be really pain in the ass to get rid off. It is as good as the Body Shop Aloe wash if not even better. It does however, leave your face a little bit greasy afterwards but I guess since it is a hydrating product this is something that it is supposed to do. I would anyway prefer to have my face feeling a bit more moisturized then all dry and thigh which can happen sometimes during winter.

All I can say about the toner is good things as well. It just works really good. They both smell nice and the bottles are really cute and they are little bit pinkish which is always a plus :) They are both pump bottles which makes adjusting the amount of the product really easy.

I would definetly recommend buying these. They are cheap and do their job. I got these for 2 for 1 discount at Anttila, one bottle was less than 7 euros. I have not had the change to try out any other products in the series but I surely will when I have need for anything else.

Have you tried any No 7 products?

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