Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quick dry, dry quick

Doing your nails can be time consuming. First you apply one coat of polish wait for that to dry, then maybe two or three more coats and wait for those to dry. Lastly you might want to do a cute design and surprisingly wait for that to dry. In worst case scenario your evening plans might consist of well, doing your nails. Now, we cannot have this. There are times when everything just has to happen quick. You're in a hurry to go to work and you just have to fix up your nails or your boyfriend or date is waiting for you to take you out on a fantastic dinner. 
Luckily there is a time saving solution to our little nail polish problems :)
I would like to dedicate this blog post to all those fantastic people that made my life so much easier by inventing the quick dry products. I cannot imagine how much of hell life was before this invention. You can get these quick dry products in drops, sprays and top coats. They basically dry your nail polish in minutes or even seconds.

I have the Mavala spray nail polish dryer. Now, I think the spray products are just great. It is basically like a hairspray, you add it to finish your design. After you are done with applying your polish or finishing up your design just spray this on and in few minutes or seconds even, your nail design is all dry and you are ready to go.

My personal favorite is the Seche Vite dry fast top coat. I also have the Depend quick dry & shine topplack however I do not think it is as good. The best part of Sehce Vite is that it is easy to spread and that it does not leave any bubbles like some top coats do. Just spread it on top of your nail design just like a regular top coat. I think it is truly a lifesaver and I always use it. It literally takes only few minutes to dry, depending on how many coats of polish you have on obviously. It also gives your nails a nice shine. However the only negative part is that it wears of the tips of your nail polish more quicker.

Do you use quick dry products? Which one is your favorite?

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